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Heart Source

Healing through Heart Connection

“The heart points to the most essential dimension within you. To live in connectedness with that, you are in touch with the power of life itself; the power of the very intelligence that pervades and underlies the entire universe.”

Eckhart Tolle

Our world is in a state of DISCONNECTION and we have become increasingly separated -  from our bodies and minds, from other living beings and from our life force, the Source of all that is. This is manifesting in a variety of ways, including environmental and social problems, increasing physical and mental health problems, and widespread divisions - globally and locally. Overall, there exists a general sense of unease and many are feeling disheartened.


In the past we have used our brilliant brains to solve the problems of our world but this is no longer enough; our tumultuous times require a new energy and are calling for heart awakening. The true purpose of the heart has been overlooked for many centuries but now it is imperative that we embrace its qualities of care and compassion and allow it to fulfil its role to RECONNECT.

Planet Earth and its inhabitants are in dire need of help and the time has arrived for us to awaken to the power of the beating presence that lies at our core and step forward into a new era of ‘heartfulness’.


Heartfulness is the awareness of, and alignment with, the heart’s deepest purpose; connection through love.

When we open the doorway to our heart, our portal for love, it allows for deep connection, with our inner selves, with other living beings, and with Spirit. 


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What is the meaning behind Heart Source and its logo?

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Heart Source represents two ideas. First, it speaks to the true nature of the heart, which is our direct link to the Divine, or in other words, our Source. Second, it references the fact that the organisation has been set up with the intention of providing a resource for those wanting to learn about the heart. 

The logo is not just a pretty image. It represents the toroidal energy field (think of a ring doughnut shape) that surrounds all living things. The heart’s energy field is the strongest of any in the body. The energy of the toroidal field is in constant motion moving up through the ring of the doughnut and outwards across its surface. In this static 3D image you will see the energy swirls point in an anticlockwise direction and this holds significance. According to mystical teachings, movement in an anticlockwise direction represents involution or a moving back towards Source. As our consciousness takes a leap in its evolution and we enter a new age of the heart, this is where we are headed – back towards Unity Consciousness.


Healing through heart connection

The literal meaning of ‘healing’ is to ‘find wholeness’. Therefore, when we search for healing, we are actually seeking to reconnect the parts of ourselves and our lives that have become disconnected.


The heart’s role is to connect us, and as our ‘Master Connector’ it does this in three ways. Firstly, it connects us within ourselves by emitting a powerful energy field that connects all of our cells allowing them to communicate, and by sending blood around the body, again supporting whole body communication. Secondly, it connects us with others. The energies the heart emits travel beyond our bodies affecting change in other people, animals, plants and the planet. The effects are most powerful when we are in a state of love. Thirdly, the heart connects us to our Source (or Universal Spirit). Ancient people knew the heart acted as the bridge between the physical and spiritual realms but this information has been lost to many of us over the centuries.


Whatever healing we are searching for; whether to improve our physical or mental health, to strengthen our relationships, or to discover our sense of purpose and belonging in the world, the heart is where we will find all the love, support and guidance we need.

For true healing, the heart must be engaged. Without engaging the heart, your healing journey is being led by the lower mind. But your lower mind can only see so far and only knows so much. The heart sees everything, understands it all, and knows what’s best for you in every moment.”

Liz Butler


Heart Source is a resource that will allow you to learn about the heart in all its forms - physical, energetic and spiritual. Through your learning you will begin to understand the true power of the heart and discover how you can use its wisdom to support you on your journey of healing.

This website (set up in June 2023) is a work in progress and over the next few months will evolve to incorporate more offerings, some from Heart Source, and some from other organisations and individuals. Please check back often to see how things are developing.

As the founder of Heart Source (find out about me here), I hope you will enjoy exploring this website and find the inspiration you need to live a heartful life.

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To INFORM; helping people understand the truth of the heart in all its forms. To EMPOWER; supporting the discovery that through heart connection it is possible to release pain from old wounds and heal. To ENCOURAGE; promoting individual responsibility and the idea that self-healing is the only sustainable route to community and planetary healing. To INSPIRE; awakening the inner knowing that it is through the heart we have access to Source and the endless flow of love available to us all. 


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