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Nurturing the
heart courses

Heart Source founder, Liz Butler, has developed three courses that make up her Nurturing the Heart series. These courses form the backbone of her teachings on the heart.


These courses take place live online once a year with each one lasting for 8 weeks.

Our heart takes more than one form and can be considered to have three main aspects – the physical heart, the energetic heart and the spiritual heart. Nothing really separates our three hearts; they only differ in their vibrational frequency, and this means all of our hearts interact and affect one another. Therefore, if we want a healthy physical heart, we must nurture all three aspects, and the same goes for the other hearts.

The courses in this series address each of the hearts, one by one, blending detailed information with practical experience. Based on cutting-edge science as well as ancient wisdom, and including information long hidden from the masses, these courses explore how we can best care for and nurture our precious hearts. 

“You change your life by changing your heart.”

Max Lucado

Nurturing the Physical Heart


Damage to the physical heart has been one of the biggest global killers for a long time. However, in the last few years disease and deterioration of the physical heart has increased significantly and the precise reasons are unknown. Now, more than ever, it seems vital we give attention to our physical heart and make simple changes to nurture its wellbeing.


During this course you will discover what exactly the physical heart is and how its true function has been misunderstood for centuries. With this new knowledge we’ll explore why mainstream lifestyle advice for the heart has been off kilter for so long and start to uncover the true lifestyle changes that optimise health of the physical heart, incorporating detoxification, nutrition and herbs, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and more.

This course usually takes place during the winter term starting in January, see the pink box further down for the upcoming dates. Course content details are provided below and for an overview you can watch the following video (please note that the dates mentioned in the video are incorrect).

Course details


Week 1 - What is the physical heart and how does it work really? 

Great advances have been made in cardiovascular medicine over the last 100 years, to the point that surgeons are now able to transplant hearts. Despite this, the heart is one of the least understood of the body’s organs and recent findings bring into question the very idea that it is responsible for pumping our blood. The truth is, the heart’s role in directing our blood is incredibly complicated and a lot more sophisticated than once thought, and the heart has other important functions too, some of them newly discovered, all of which is leading to a revolution in our understanding of the heart.


In this session Liz will highlight recent discoveries about the physical heart that are overturning existing ideas as to its role and function. These exciting revelations will incorporate new understandings of how light, water and quantum energies interact with our physical body. With this information participants will begin to appreciate how mainstream advice on supporting heart health falls short of the mark.

Week 2 - Busting heart health myths

The myths surrounding the health of the physical heart are numerous. The reason being that modern medicine has lost sight of the true restorers of health, including pure water, an ancestral diet, relaxation, and emotional wellbeing and, as result of its alignment with the pharmaceutical industry has, all too often, promoted the idea that medical interventions are of primary importance in heart health. Whilst drugs and surgery often have huge, sometimes life-saving, benefits for those with existing serious conditions, lifestyle improvements much earlier down the road can prevent such conditions in the first place. With medical interventions the focus of mainstream healthcare, the benefits have at times been exaggerated, and flawed dietary narratives that support their use have become commonplace.


In this session Liz will discuss the controversial issue of mainstream advice for heart health. She will delve into the flawed narratives, such as those surrounding saturated fats and cholesterol, that have captured imaginations for many decades, and she will explore how dietary advice based on such narratives may have done more harm than good.

Week 3 - The true causes of heart disease

With so many false and exaggerated stories relating to heart health, the true causes of cardiovascular disease have been overlooked. The true causes don’t always fit neatly into the model that champions medical interventions so they are often ignored, but also, as the complex workings of the heart are poorly understood, such causes have remained beyond the minds of many working within the field of cardiology. Things are changing, however, and in recent years several pioneering scientists and medical practitioners have been challenging the status quo suggesting alternative theories for how our hearts become diseased.

With new ideas on heart disease has come new thinking around the best ways to prevent and treat heart disease. Drugs and surgery still have their place, however new innovative therapies, techniques and dietary interventions are showing great promise and Liz will discuss these in this session.

Week 4 - The seven elements of healing

The literal meaning of ‘heal’ is whole, so when we use the word ‘healing’, what we really mean is finding our way back to wholeness. We could put it another way. Healing is the reconnection of those parts of ourselves that have become fractured so that we may once more align with the purest expression of who we are. Who we are is a physical body, plus a mind and a soul and all three require attention during our healing journey.


Over a decade ago, Liz developed a model for addressing each and every element of our being that can become fractured throughout our lives; The Seven Elements of Healing. In this session she will provide an overview of each element, along with ideas on how to restore balance to each aspect. This will develop an understanding of the foundations of health, including health of the heart. 








Week 5 - Introducing your physical heart health plan 

Restoring and maintaining heart health is not complicated and usually the tried and tested methods are the best. These methods are based on old, sometimes ancient knowledge, as in some ways, the ancients had a deeper understanding, and certainly a more holistic view of the heart than we do. As we open our minds to ancient understanding and combine that with the newest discoveries about the heart, we can formulate a comprehensive and effective plan to nurture our physical heart.


Liz will provide an overview of some of the most important methods that support heart health. She will introduce a general diet that, based on the most up-to-date thinking, appears to be most supportive for the heart and she will include information on supplements and other lifestyle factors to create a plan that will be a great starting point for anyone wishing to offer optimise heart health. Participants will be encouraged to follow the plan during the second half of the course.

Week 6 - Removing toxins and replenishing essential nutrients

In any holistic health improvement programme, there will be two aspects that require attention. The first is to remove anything from the body and mind that undermine their function, and the second is to replenish anything essential that may be missing. Both aspects are fundamental when rebuilding health and both are equally important. Together they form the two sides of the healing coin.


Liz will highlight the growing evidence that environmental toxins have a significant role to play in damaging the heart and will discuss how they can be removed safely from our bodies. She will also consider the most important nutrients for heart health exploring the ways in which we can easily and efficiently optimise their levels.

Week 7 - How emotional & spiritual wellbeing impact your physical heart

The physical, energetic and spiritual hearts are closely intertwined and therefore, for some, perhaps it is no surprise that our emotional and spiritual wellbeing has an impact on the health of our physical heart. As evidence of this association grows, it does seem there is surprise amongst mainstream medical practitioners as to just how powerful is the impact on the physical heart which in future will hopefully lead to some level of emotional and spiritual support for patients with existing cardiovascular problems and those wanting to prevent heart disease.


In this session Liz will outline the evidence demonstrating a link between our emotional and spiritual wellbeing and the health of our physical heart. She will offer ideas on how we can incorporate changes in our lives that will reconnect us to our spiritual essence, encourage emotional harmony and allow our physical hearts to flourish.

Week 8 - Nurturing your physical heart for the long term

We are currently living in a world that exposes us to a multitude of risk factors for heart disease and as we age our vulnerability increases. However, simple lifestyle changes can protect our physical heart offering us an opportunity to live our lives to the fullest until the end of our days.


Liz will summarise the lifestyle changes that optimise physical heart health in this session and she will introduce one final factor that, more than anything else, can help ensure a healthy heart for the long term.


“Life is not merely being alive, but being well.”


What is involved

The process:

  • The course is online and will take place via Zoom

  • All sessions include teaching plus time for questions and discussion

  • The course will include a practical element and participants will be encouraged to follow a heart health plan (to be detailed in the sessions) during the second half of the course 

  • The sessions are recorded in case you are unable to attend live on the day

  • After each session additional notes will be sent via email

  • A pre-course pack will be sent via email that will include resources and recommended reading materials

  • All participants are welcome to be part of the weekly Healing Heart Circle free of charge. This takes place on the same evening after the course.

Nurturing the Physical Heart Course

Eight 75 minute sessions plus extras


Healing Heart Circle membership is included in this price

Details of the Nurturing the Energetic Heart and Nurturing the Spiritual Heart will follow in due course.

The next Nurturing the Physical Heart course is due to begin on Wednesday 31st January 2024 and will take place between 6-7.15pm. There is the option to join the Healing Heart Circle afterwards (no charge) which takes place from 7.30-8.30pm.


The information provided in these courses should not be taken as medical advice. Always consult your main healthcare provider for such advice.

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