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Heart Matrix Therapy

In this section, Heart Source founder, Liz Butler, describes the model of 1-to-1 support she uses to help clients connect with their heart and find wholeness.


Heart Matrix Therapy consists of three stages, as follows.

1. Acknowledgement and acceptance

An important first step in any healing journey is to delve into root causes and discover whether emotional pain has a role to play in the state of dis-ease, whether the disease is physical or mental. Almost always emotional pain has a part to play, with past traumas and challenging situations leaving their energetic imprint on our energy field (particularly that of the heart). Identifying the underlying pain requires connecting to the original challenging situation, and in these sessions clients are guided to enter the matrix of the heart, a safe space where they can be present with their pain without it becoming overwhelming. Once in this space, deep acknowledgment and acceptance of the pain is encouraged, which, even on its own, is incredibly powerful, beginning the process of healing.

2. Shifting the energy

The second step, follows on from deep acceptance and involves further work to clear energetic imprints that have accumulated over a lifetime and may be causing problems on a physical level. For this stage breathing and meditation techniques are combined with Energy Psychology (Emotional Freedom Technique).

3. Re-aligning reality

The third stage of the therapy, is when a person chooses how they would like their physical reality to look, either for their body, or other aspects of their life. Clients are supported in understanding their power as creators, especially when the heart is engaged, and shown how to set healing intentions with an open, trusting heart. It should be noted, this stage is NOT about attempting to force particular outcomes, instead it is undertaken with the full recognition that we are co-creators in this life and that Higher Consciousness always knows what's best for us and always has the final say.


All of the healing work that takes place as part of the Heart Matrix Therapy, takes place with the full engagement of the heart. When we enter the sacred space of the heart, we have access to wisdom, guidance and great power to heal and transform our lives.

What is involved

If you are interested in 1-to-1 support and using Heart Matrix Therapy for healing, please keep scrolling for more details.

You will discover:

  • The nourishing, safe space always available to you within your heart

  • The infinite wisdom within your heart and how you can access it

  • The unresolved emotional pain or belief patterns blocking your health and happiness

  • The healing unleashed when you let go of resistance and surrender

  • Your inherent power as a co-creator

  • How to transform your life with healing intentions

You will receive:

  • Compassionate listening and care

  •  A deep understanding of how you reached a point of illness or imbalance

  • Practical guidance including breathing and meditation techniques

  • Support in releasing unresolved emotional pain to free up energy for healing 

  • Powerful techniques you can use at home to help you access your heart's guidance

“Emotion always has its roots in the unconscious and manifests itself in the body.”

Irene Claremont de Castillejo

Details of your consultation

Consultations usually take place online (Skype or Zoom), however face-to-face consultations taking place in Devon can be arranged. Wherever the session takes place, a safe space will be created allowing you to relax and share all that you want to.

To make an appointment, please contact Liz Butler so that a date can be arranged.  Once a date has been agreed your appointment will be confirmed after your payment has been received.

To find out more and help you decide if Heart Matrix Therapy is for you, you can book a free phone chat with Liz Butler. Please get in touch to arrange.


Your heart already possesses the answers you need for healing and an empowered life. Are you ready to discover them?

For all new clients the first consultation is offered half-price. If you decide you would like to continue after the first session, a series of packages are offered, as outlined below. At the completion of your package, if you wish to continue you can either sign up for another package or purchase single consultations (single consultations are not offered initially, as a longer commitment will ensure you see results).

Initial consultation

Consultation (90 mins) 


50% discount on full price (£120 per consultation)



Lotus Package
*(to be used within 8 weeks)

Initial Consultation (90 mins) +

  2 x Follow-Up Consultation

(90 mins each)


5% discount on full price

Healing Heart Circle members get an additional 10% discount


Daisy Package
*(to be used within 16 weeks)

Initial Consultation (90 mins) +

  4 x Follow-Up Consultations
(90 mins each)


10% discount on full price

Healing Heart Circle members get an additional 10% discount


Bluebell Package
*(to be used within 24 weeks)

Initial Consultation (90 mins) +

  6 x Follow-Up Consultations
(90 mins each)


15% discount on full price

Healing Heart Circle members get an additional 10% discount

*  Within reason, time frames can be adapted according to your individual situation.

Single consultation

Consultation (90 mins) 


Healing Heart Circle members get a 15% discount


Please note that as a natural health practitioner and non-medic I do not claim to diagnose or treat diseases, instead I focus on creating optimal conditions for your body’s own powerful healing abilities to function. 

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