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Hearts under attack

Updated: Jun 29

Our hearts are under attack and have been for millennia. This is no accidental occurrence, it is purposeful and targeted and because it affects us all, profoundly, we would be wise to take notice.


All aspects of our heart have been assaulted; our spiritual hearts, energetic hearts and physical hearts. And because they are really one and the same, attack of one aspect affects the heart in its entirety.


Who are the perpetrators you may ask? Good question. Those carrying out the heart-attack mission, some knowingly, others not, appear in many forms but take their energy, inspiration and direction from one force, a seemingly malevolent force which is best described as the anti-life force. The heart represents life, the force that wishes to destroy it is anti-life.


Many thousands of years ago, precisely how long is impossible to say, inhabitants of Earth enjoyed abundance and freedom as they lived through a Golden Age. All spiritual traditions speak of this age and in Christian teachings we hear it described as the Garden of Eden. Then came the Fall, an event that marked the start of a journey during which we forgot our true spiritual nature. As this journey progressed, much changed - our Egos developed, our sense of individuality grew, and the brain/mind (masculine) and body/sensation (feminine), once connected, parted ways as polarity became our experience. The world became increasingly grounded in the material, separated from spirit and as it sunk into duality it turned into a much harsher place. Throughout this time, the heart, which also signifies Oneness, was under attack. It still is.


The first manifestation of the heart attack was suppression of knowledge regarding its true character and its role in life. It used to be understood the heart is home to our essence, our soul, part of One Spirit, and by entering its innermost chamber we can meet this part of ourselves. It used to be known that by becoming aware and consciously connecting with One Spirit, we have access to great wisdom and creative potential. However, there were those who didn’t believe the masses should be allowed to realise their heart’s power and this information was hidden, reserved only for the ‘spiritually elite’. It took a long time, but over many centuries the spiritual heart was buried and the common idea of the heart was reduced to nothing more than a mechanical pump and the place from which emotions arise.


As we lost our understanding of the heart’s true power, we also forgot how the heart really functions. Materialism reached its peak around a century ago, and at this point there was no room for the vital energies our ancient ancestors understood to be guided and directed by the heart, instead the heart did nothing more than pump the blood as if a machine. The energetic heart, along with the spiritual heart, was now lost.

Without the spiritual and energetic heart, the physical heart can not survive and over the last one hundred years we have seen the physical heart fail increasingly. Heart disease and death from cardiac arrest was an unusual occurrence not so many decades ago, now it is the number one killer worldwide.


You might think we know more about the physical heart than ever before but in a lot of ways our knowledge has shrunk. The limitations of seeing the heart as a mechanical pump have become increasingly obvious with serious flaws coming to the fore lately. How did we ever imagine a muscle the size of a closed fist could, with a single beat, pump viscous blood around the entire body (the blood vessels of an adult laid end to end stretch for 60,000 miles), including through capillaries narrower than the diameter of a single blood cell? The amount of energy required to do this immense. Quite apart from the fact that blood comes to a complete standstill in the capillaries as gaseous exchange takes place (where does the momentum to get it moving again come from?). The physical heart, when detached from its spiritual and energetic counterparts, makes no sense.


What also makes no sense from a purely materialistic viewpoint, is the dramatic rise in heart disease and cardiac arrest over the last century (diet and lifestyle didn’t alter significantly until much after the rise began), plus another substantial rise in the years since Covid. As you bring energy into the picture, examining the physical impact of our mind with its often stress-inducing thoughts, and then consider how mental stress has increased in modern times with a peak during Covid, it starts to make more sense. However, it’s not until you open to the possibility of an attack on the heart, a purposeful attack with an agenda attached, that the puzzle pieces start to fall into place. For example, consider how the ‘heart-healthy’ dietary advice dished out around the globe in the last 50 years encouraging us to switch from saturated to processed polyunsaturated fats and to increase starchy carbohydrate intake, is the complete opposite to what really nourishes the physical heart. And then contemplate the heart damage caused by Covid measures and treatments, including lockdowns which kept us socially isolated - social connection is vital for the wellbeing of the heart. Now are you beginning to see?


The heart in all its forms has many roles but overall, its purpose is to connect. It connects us in various ways - to our own bodies, to all living creatures, and to our spiritual selves. What we are witnessing today is a great effort to undermine each and every one of the connections the heart works to maintain. We are being encouraged to disconnect from the truth of our bodies, for example through the use of pharmaceutical products that suppress symptoms but ignore the real causes of illness, through the consumption of increasingly processed and unnatural foods, through the idea we need to freeze our bodies in time preventing ageing at all costs, and more recently, through the encouragement of gender confusion. We are being supported at every turn to disconnect from one another with the slow breakdown of communities, the recent rapid rise of ideological campaign groups which do much more to divide than unite, as well as new and ongoing wars across the globe. Then for a long time we have been discouraged from contemplating our sense of self beyond our physical bodies. Life after death experiences, any paranormal activity, and the very existence of our soul and spirit have been dumped into the ‘unscientific’ bin; modern science is only interested in those things you can see and measure.


All this effort to disconnect has not been completely successful of course (increasingly less so) and that’s because another more powerful force is at play in our world; Life Force. Life force is all about connection, in fact it is precisely how and why everything in our Universe is connected, something science is finally realising as we journey down the mountain away from the peak of materialism. When Life Force is challenged and tested, as it is being more than ever, it will rise up and spill over from its source, our hearts. The results of this are becoming obvious as many of the anti-life schemes are backfiring and instead of disconnecting, they are uniting through an outpouring of one of the heart’s main elements; compassion.


Whether compassion is directed towards war victims, refugees, teenagers dealing with mental stress, or anything else, the seeming rise in those taking notice and caring gives hope in a world that is still so divided. Naturally, as we take more notice of injustices, anger and blame often increase and there are plenty apparently working for the ‘dark side’; particular world leaders, politicians, corporate bosses etc. who can serve as a target for those needing an outlet. However, this brings me to a crucial point. Because although it appears the anti-life force and all those serving its agenda, are malevolent - they have to be, right? - this is not the deepest truth of the situation. Let’s return to the big picture.


When we ‘fell’ from paradise and lost touch with our divine essence, it may have seemed like a disaster but actually it was life’s plan unfolding in all its perfection and had a very important purpose. The beautiful truth is that by losing sight of our Oneness and forgetting our interconnectedness, we had the opportunity to discover this treasure all over again but this time with the added perspective our individuality gives. This new vantage point allows us to ‘know’ our spiritual nature on the deepest most profound level. And so, without the seemingly evil anti-life force systematically shutting down our hearts over many centuries we wouldn’t have had the chance to become totally lost and isolated, and from the pain of that dark place realise our separated self is not who we truly are. This ongoing scenario has needed to play out and right now it still appears there are good guys and bad guys, but keep hold of the deeper truth if you can, otherwise you only add to the energy of division.


The most amazing hidden fact about the heart, the secret those anti-life controllers want to cover up more than any other, is that when we connect and come to know our spiritual heart, it recharges first the energetic then the physical heart and in turn allows us to transform our world. To be more explicit, when we regularly quieten our thinking minds, sinking into our hearts and letting its vibration of peace envelop us, we come to recognise the deepest part of who we are. And once consciously connected to our soul, part of One Spirit, we have access to infinite guidance, support, information and healing. We also awaken the power to co-create as our heart is the portal through which the world’s creative life force flows and by attuning with it, we can learn to work with it, shaping the physical world we see around us. Yes, you read that correctly, we can literally change our reality by working with our hearts, the heart is that powerful, but it’s a great secret, so sssh, don’t let anyone hear you say it.


The ancients knew how powerful the heart is and they often associated it with our other great symbol of Life Force, the sun. Whilst the sun, also under attack recently (look into solar radiation modification as a method to block the sun, and the flawed advice to keep out of the sun to protect health), may have sunk to its lowest point, dipping out of view for a while (metaphorically speaking), it is now peeping above the horizon once more as the coming age of the heart is on the rise.

 You can support the heart’s rising, your own and on a global scale, all it takes are some simple changes to strengthen those connections your heart is always striving to make. Here are my suggestions.


1.      Connect with your heart on a daily basis – take some time out of your day to close your eyes, quieten your mind and place a hand over your energetic heart (centre of your chest). Breathe deeply and slowly and see if you can sense the peace that resides in your heart. The longer you spend in this meditative state the better, but even just a few minutes will make a difference to your whole day.

2.     Connect with your mind by paying close attention to your thought and belief patterns. Ask yourself on a regular basis whether your mind is serving your highest good and if not, seek ways to foster more supportive thoughts and beliefs.

3.     Connect with your body by listening closely to its needs. Treat this precious vessel, home to your soul in this lifetime, with utmost respect providing all the best care and the most loving thoughts.

4.     Connect with others in the most loving way possible, treating them how you would like to be treated. If you find you are noticing bad behaviour in others, put yourself in their shoes, connect with the empathy that lies in your heart, and consider the pain that possibly underlies their behaviour.

5.     Connect with Spirit by seeking out activities that bring you a sense of awe and wonder allowing you to believe in the benevolence and power of Life Force.


It is simple to awaken our heart and support its work of positive connection, but although it is simple, it is not always easy. The anti-life force has an important ally living within all of us - our Ego, and at times it is incredibly tempting to follow the Ego’s urges to stand separate from others, focusing on the things that make us different rather than make us the same. But beware, our Ego doesn’t just cut us off from others, it cuts us off from our true self and if we allow it to run the show, we are open and vulnerable to the influences of the anti-life force. With the Ego in control, we will never live a full and joyful life, it just isn’t possible.


That said, don’t imagine the aim is to banish the Ego, it does play an important role in our lives, allowing us that unique individual perspective. However, that role should be as servant not master, our true master, something we are gradually rediscovering, is our heart.


How could our heart not be master? It is the portal for our Life Force. And as Life Force is equal to, and really the same thing as love, our hearts are the very thing that allow us to love. This we really need to take on board as our hearts continue to be attacked, because love is the ultimate antidote to anti-life force and when our hearts are fully open and the loving light radiates from our chest, nothing, absolutely nothing, has the power to shut that down.

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