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Heart-shaped beginnings

The vernal equinox and start of spring always bring an energy of new beginnings. As the sap rises, potentials that have lain hidden during the cold dark months come to fruition and new life bursts forth. The sight of vibrant new leaves and flowers bring delight but also remind us of the power of our own creative life force.

This year there is an added poignancy to the spring equinox as, according to those who know, astrologically we are in very special times. The planetary shifts are calling forth a revealing of truths, clarity on where we stand currently (the veils are being removed), and an opportunity to rebuild our world with love as the guiding light. The strength and power in this emerging energy has never been seen before.

These are tumultuous times (brace yourself for continuing and shocking revelations regarding those in power positions), but they are also incredibly exciting times. We are beginning to see the old-world order collapse and with it our sense of powerlessness in the face of authority. Big change is coming, can’t you just feel it?

At the centre of the new world emerging will be the heart. I will say much more about this over the coming months. However, please don’t imagine you can wait until after the stormy times to give attention to your heart, as it is precisely the qualities of the heart such as discernment, honesty, compassion and particularly love, that are allowing the birth of a new and brighter world to take place. Humanity needs you to listen to your heart and act on its guidance and if you make a loving heart your primary focus you will find your journey through this time of transition a deeply healing experience on a personal level too.

The cultural transformation from the love of power to the power of love is the drama of our time. Anodea Judith

Our times may feel difficult, even dark, right now but there is no going back to the old ways. Quite frankly, why would we want to? If you are struggling with the darkness, I suggest you take time to tune into the atmosphere and feel of what’s coming, that you look ahead, adjust your vision, and see the light of a new beginning at the end of the tunnel. As you observe this light, notice its shape…..

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