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Discovering the healing power of the heart

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

According to mystics, sages, spiritual leaders, astrologers, many philosophers and even certain scientists of the past and present, humanity is undergoing one of the greatest, and ultimately most beautiful, shifts in consciousness ever seen. Turmoil is inevitable whenever we move into a new paradigm, something increasingly reflected in planetary upheavals (political, financial, environmental etc.), and as monumental change doesn’t happen quickly, global challenges, affecting many of us personally, will likely continue in the years ahead.

But there's a shift happening in humanity, a shift in consciousness, happening now because it has to happen now. Eckhart Tolle

In difficult times, the guidance we receive from our inner wisdom, accessed via our hearts, becomes more important than almost anything. It can be the difference between a tough situation knocking us to the ground leaving us helpless, and, even if we're knocked to the ground, being able to stand up again, brush ourselves down and grow from the situation, ultimately viewing it as a rich and wonderful opportunity. As we come to trust this guidance, surrendering to it and faithfully following its call, we can't help but move in the direction of wholeness (healing), our hearts are always beckoning us home.

On Wednesday 8th February, the Healing Heart Circle will begin again after the Christmas break. The circle is an online group meeting once a week for an hour in order to connect to the power held within our heart space and from that place, we set healing intentions for ourselves and others. The circle is also a place to explore and grow together as we absorb the deep teachings of the heart and learn to listen to its guidance.

As I write this article, having just read an email from one of our members detailing her powerful experience of the circle, I am reminded again of the deep unfolding that has been occurring for some people since they joined the group. Even though I understand and appreciate the ability of our heart’s energy to connect, heal and transform, it is wonderful to witness the combined power of our heart energies when we come together in a group setting. Such stories are a wonderful motivation for me to continue growing and developing the circle.

And so, I want to extend a warm invitation to any of you feeling the pressures of life right now, whether these pressures are manifesting as health problems, financial worries, fears for the future, general anxiety, or anything else. This is an invitation for you to join our safe, sacred space where, through connection to one another and our hearts, we find the strength to embrace life and face our challenges. Not only that, but as we come together to heal, we find ourselves able to tap into the new energy rising that inspires us with its promise of a beautiful new world.

You change your life by changing your heart. Max Lucado

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