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Interview with Stephen Hussey

I had been wanting to meet and chat with chiropractor and functional medicine practitioner, Stephen Hussey, for a while. I was intrigued by this man who, at such a young age had experienced a type of heart attack so severe it is often referred to as the 'Widow maker'. I was interested in his personal story but also the findings of his years of deep research into heart disease and the holistic approach he takes described in his book, a book unafraid to challenge mainstream thinking in this area. I wasn't disappointed. I found Stephen to be highly knowledgeable but also, after with living with illness most of his life (he was diagnosed with diabetes as a child) very in-tune with the deeper needs of the whole person, not just the physical, and we engaged in a very stimulating discussion that I hope you will enjoy.

Note: I am in the early days of my interviewing and some skills need polishing, excuse my very long introduction at the beginning!

For more information about Stephen, follow this link:

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