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Be in love

In case you needed reminding, tomorrow, 14th February, is St Valentine's Day. A traditional feast day on which, for hundreds of years, we have celebrated the joys of romantic love. Now, it could be you don't want a reminder. If you're single, it might feel there's nothing much to celebrate and even if you're in a relationship, the heavy commercialisation can be off-putting. I, however, like an excuse to focus on the heart and on love, and suggest we take the sentiment of St Valentine's day and expand it to include love in all its forms - the affection we feel for the people, and animals, close to us, and the empathy and compassion we feel for those in need, wherever they may be in the world.

Love, empathy, compassion, are all heart-based qualities and when we take a moment to quieten our mind, place a hand over our heart, and reflect as we tune into these emotions, our hearts open and expand. Mystics have been telling us for centuries that in such moments we make a real difference to those who receive our love, but now scientists are beginning to prove this is the case. Peter Granger is one such scientists and his amazing experiments showing how loving thoughts sent from one person can change the physiology and heart rhythms of those receiving the love, are showcased in his book, 'Connected Hearts' - see below for more details.

This all makes sense when we understand the heart is not only a physical organ, but also an energy centre producing the most powerful biofield in the body, and as we wrap our minds around this new notion of the heart, perhaps we should reconsider the words of those wise mystics. One who appreciated the deeper meaning of the heart and profound power of love more than most, was the Sufi poet, Rumi, and so it's his words I would like to share as I wish you a loved-filled, happy St Valentine's Day.

To find out more about the research of Peter Granger and his book, 'Connected Hearts', visit his website: You may also like to watch this short video about his work.

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